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Sandalwood Skincare (Three Pieces)Set-The Palace Museum Red

Sandalwood Skincare (Three Pieces)Set-The Palace Museum Red

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We incidentally saw a “Scincidae” specimen inside a piece of red sandalwood long ago. The specimen was naturally dried out in about twenty years without any preservatives. Based on that discovery, we entrusted a global research team conducted. The research proved that Red Sandalwood contained a rich amount of stable and efficient active ingredients featured in skincare performance. 

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  • Cleansing foam: Our cleansing foam is carefully crafted to reach its ultimate potency. Along with Fullerene, it transforms the gel to a special foam to dissolve makeup and impurities, soften the tightness of the skin, keeping the skin hydrated and moisturized.

  • Essence:Our essence well balanced with other ingredients helps to boost skin vital spark, improving the firmness with a lifted looking skin. Dullness and other signs of fatigue are replaced with new bounce and vibrancy. Brightening and shaping youthful contour. 

  • Facial cream:Indulge in this luxury edition of our original super cream offers the skin deeply nourishing and rejuvenated. Fortified with Fullerene, it helps the skin to restore elasticity and lost volume, refine pores and infuse skin with a protective effect.

How to use

  • Cleansing foam: Rubbing the cleanser in your palm till it becomes foam, massage with fingertips on damp face and neck. Rinse thoroughly with warm water.
  • Essence:Apply a few drops to your fingertips, delicately sweep over the entire face and neck morning and evening. Massage with a circular motion for a look of perfection.

  • Facial cream:Every morning and evening. Find the enclosed applicator for the desired amount to put on the hand. The cream will become translucent from the hand warm temperature, pat gently with fingertips for better absorption.






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