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Peony Red-The Palace Museum La Pivoine Lipstick

Peony Red-The Palace Museum La Pivoine Lipstick

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The succulent peony red and the smoothing, moisturizing texture deliver a bright and natural finish for all day shine. Apply a thin layer for a vivacious look or a never-garish thick layer for a natural look.

#Historical artifacts beauty products;#Oriental aesthetics;# Palace style;#Traditional culture

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  • A high-shine texture with extraordinary water-proof staying power;

  • Saturated, pure pigments create a clear and distinctive color;

  • A lovely sensation of hydration, lustre and comfort.

Major ingredients

  • Peony seed oil: hydrates and moisturizes lips;

  • White rose bud stem cell extracts: reduce wrinkles, improve skin firmness and elasticity;

  • Saffron crocus: brightens and improves lip skin;

  • Calendula: soothes, softens and nourishes lips;

  • Witch hazel: tightening and cleansing effect.






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