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Royal Palette Bright Yellow-The Palace Museum

Royal Palette Bright Yellow-The Palace Museum

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Taking inspiration from the painting collection “Early Spring Flower Blossoms” of the Forbidden City, the five-color eyeshadow palette features a captivating artwork motif, combining eyeshadow, bronzer,  blush and highlighter in one, ignites your eyes instantly with versatile multi-dimensional effects.

#Historical artifacts beauty products;#Oriental aesthetics;# Palace style;#Traditional culture;#inspired by the Oriental Famous Painting

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  • Eyeshadow, bronzer, blush, and highlighter concentrated into a single palette, its soft smooth texture imparts effortless application, easy blending and long-lasting effect, even for amateur users.

How to use

  • Explore its vibrant hues and glide onto your eyelids by applying with fingertips or brush to create glamourous contoured shades that are completely your own.






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