To quote Lao Tzu:
"Man takes his law from the Earth; the Earth
from Heaven;
Heaven from the Tao. The law of the Tao
is its being what it is."
The philosophical thought of "oneness of nature
and humanity" constitutes
the core value of traditional Chinese culture.

As the imperial palace during
the Ming and Qing dynasties in China,
the Forbidden City is the largest and best preserved ancient
wooden architecture complex in the world, the culmination of ancient palatial construction
and a magnificent embodiment of traditional Chinese philosophy.

Drawing inspiration from the Forbidden City,
HERSEE BEAUTY aspires to make every piece a carrier of traditional culture,
bringing a unique, integral and ceremonial makeup experience to users
by illuminating and empowering both the inside and the outside.
Nourish skin with makeup, elevate soul with beauty
within the confines of your canvas.


On the left side of the logo is the original meaning of the coinage
of the word "礼", the image of a person holding jade overhead to
worship heaven and pray for blessings.
On the right is the Pinyin of "LI", which also can be seen as "LI"
with one more stroke, symbolizing the handle shaped utensil used
by the ancients to pray to heaven.

The logo bears a resemblance to an antique shelf in classical
Chinese furniture, or a pile of gift boxes,containing everything
Placed upside down, the logo looks like a simplified crane.
Crane,a homophone of "harmony" in mandarin, defines happiness.
With a positive message and a harmonious connotation, here

"HERSEE BEAUTY" in the website address